Portable Puzzles launcher


This page is for the launcher I've made and am maintaining for Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection, for SHR and similar OpenMoko distros for use on the Neo FreeRunner.

This program is for people who think that having 27 new icons on the desktop (one for each game) is a bit too much, and would prefer having a launcher for them instead - that is, a program placed on the desktop instead of the games, that when started shows a list of games, letting the user select which one to start.

It has been built to work with my package for the games, see that page for more information on that package and the games themselves, or if you want to build your own.

The launcher is based on the Elementary toolkit, and is written in C. It is fairly simple, does e.g. not show any icons for the games, but it does the job.




This package can be downloaded via its page on opkg.org, downloaded from here, installed by using this command:

opkg install http://ipk.edorfaus.info/armv4t/sgt-puzzles-launcher_10_armv4t.ipk

from an Internet-enabled Neo (assuming sgt-puzzles is installed), or installed via my package repository:

Package repository

If you want easy installation and automatic upgrades (with opkg update/upgrade or other package manager), then instead of installing manually with a URL or downloaded file you can add my repository and install the "sgt-puzzles-launcher" package from there.

Adding the repository feed is done by adding this line:

src/gz edorfaus-armv4t http://ipk.edorfaus.info/armv4t

to a .conf file in /etc/opkg (I would suggest /etc/opkg/edorfaus-feed.conf or similar).

Then run opkg update to download the package lists, followed by opkg install sgt-puzzles-launcher to install the package for this launcher. If not already installed, this should also install the sgt-puzzles package with the games.

Source code

The source for this launcher is available in a Subversion repository that I run for it.
To get a working copy, you can use a command such as this:

svn co http://svn.edorfaus.info/om/sgt-puzzles-launcher/trunk


This program is licensed under the Expat License.


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